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Introducing CARDIO3, the new omega-3 you don't have to take with a high fat meal. Take one a day anytime and get all the benefit of omega-3. Make heart health part of your everyday routine.

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Clinically proven to deliver 3 times the amount of omega-3 to your body than other fish oil supplements.

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Boost your
omega-3 index

Give your body the right amount of EPA and DHA to maintain a healthy heart at all stages of life.

Measure your omega-3 index

Get the easy-to-use test kit and find out if you are getting enough of the vital omega-3s your body needs.


Thrive with Cardio3

Maintain a healthy lifestyle by adding omega-3s to your daily routine. EPA and DHA help sustain appropriate blood pressure and triglyceride levels for a healthy heart.

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3X Better Absorption

Independent clinical trials have shown that our Accelon™ self-emulsifying delivery system achieves three times better absorption of EPA and DHA than standard fish oils.

Supported by Science

Groundbreaking studies have demonstrated the positive role omega-3s play in supporting heart health

Accelerated Absorption

Accelon™ causes omega-3 to rapidly disperse, allowing for effective digestion and higher amounts of EPA and DHA in free fatty acid form.

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See what real customers have to say about adding CARDIO3 to their daily routines and the health benefits it brings.