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A Different Kind of Prebiotic: HMOs for Digestive Health

In addition to giving your gut all the healthy and friendly probiotics it needs to maintain bacterial balance, prebiotics are important too. Prebiotics are what feed all those friendly bacteria that helps keep your gut healthy. Our product, DIGEST2FL, provides your gut with an added layer of support that you may not be getting enough of through diet alone. Read on as we br...

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Why A Balanced Gut Microbiome Is Important For Your Health

The digestive system is home to nearly 100 trillion bacteria — both good and bad. All of them are known as the gut microbiota, and the balance of the microbiome plays a massive role in overall health. In this post, we’re diving deep into what affects your gut microbiota, what you need to know about good and bad bacteria, and some signs and symptoms of bacteria imbalance. <...

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Mother Nature’s Prebiotic: 2-Fucosyllactose

We’ve all heard the saying that all disease begins in the gut — while we know that supporting a healthy digestive system is a key part of achieving better health, we often limit ourselves to only taking a probiotic supplement. But here’s the thing. While probiotics help to increase the proportion of healthy bacteria in our gut, supporting digestive health goes beyond...

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