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Guest Post: The Science of Bioavailability

Author: Hillary Webster, ND

By now, most people know that omega-3 fatty acids have numerous benefits in both preserving health and helping to fight disease. Many well-intentioned people take their daily fish oil supplement without any way of knowing whether it is helping them. Unfortunately, most fish oil supplements are taken incorrectly, meaning that most of t...

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The Guide to Understanding Your Omega-3 Index Report

The omega-3 index looks at your levels of DHA and EPA omega-3 fats relative to the total amount of fatty acids in your blood. The O3 index is an underutilized way of protecting heart health by providing us with information that can be extremely valuable for reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and other chronic inflammatory health conditions. If you are planning to test your omega-3 lev...

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Your Omega-3 Index Questions, Answered

If you’ve been supplementing with omega-3’s or happen to know how beneficial omega-3 fatty acids are for cardiovascular health and reducing your inflammatory load, then you may have heard of the omega-3 index. If not, you definitely aren’t alone as the omega-3 index isn’t as widely talked about as the health benefits omega-3s hold for your health. Knowing about what this index is can be extrem...

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