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Newtrition Blog

Guest Post: Optimal Omega-3 Absorption with Accelon Technology

Author: Hillary Webster, ND

Omega-3 fatty acids are a powerful tool in supporting heart health; studies show that fish oil supplementation may help reduce the risk of both primary (first) and secondary (post-heart attack) heart disease. With any supplement, dose and quality are top priority to achieve maximum benefit; however, as with many fat-based nutrients, omega-3 fatty acids are notoriously difficult to absorb and many consumers with sub-par fish oil products have no way to measure their efficacy. While Newtrition has ways to measure your heart-health status with the Omega-3 Index Test, this article highlights the Accelon technology that is incorporated into the CARDIO3 omega-3 supplement. This technology helps ensure you get every ounce of anti-inflammatory power from your essential fatty acids.

Are you getting all the benefits from your omega-3 supplement?

Not all fish oils are created equal. Some omega-3 supplements list the total fish oil content but fail to deliver sufficient therapeutic doses of omega-3 fats, EPA and DHA. Furthermore, fish oils can be difficult to absorb when not eaten with a high-fat meal, meaning that if not taken correctly, most of the fish oil you consume may be excreted before producing any clinical benefit. Since it is not in everyone’s best interests to take their fish oil with a high-fat meal, other measures must be taken to enhance omega-3 absorption.

Accelon Technology

The solution to this problem is Accelon technology. To improve absorption even in the absence of a high-fat meal, scientists at BASF have created a self-micro-emulsifying delivery system that forms micro droplets in the water-based environment of the gut—all without the need for the body’s own bile acids and enzymes excreted from a high-fat meal. CARDIO3, with Accelon technology, includes emulsifiers and antioxidants that mimic the body’s natural emulsification process. Even at lower doses than non-emulsified controls, emulsified omega-3s show higher levels in the blood after ingestion. In a randomized crossover trial, fish oil with Accelon technology achieved absorption rates of EPA and DHA at 6.4 times greater for lower dose supplementation and 11.5 times greater at higher doses. These benefits occurred after only one dose and were adjusted to account for baseline levels of EPA and DHA in the participants’ blood.

For optimal absorption regardless of meal type, Accelon technology ensures that omega-3s can benefit everyone who needs fish oil supplementation. CARDIO3 from Newtrition offers naturally emulsified and preserved fish oils that help protect the heart, brain, and the entire body from inflammatory damage with naturally superior formulation.

About the Author

Dr. Hillary Webster is a board-certified Naturopathic Doctor and a self-proclaimed Hormone Advocate. She helps high achievers uncover and repair their hidden hormonal and nutrient deficiencies to get their world-conquering energy back. She loves dogs, writing articles, and grey sweaters. She sees patients in Toronto, Canada.