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Newtrition Blog

Omega-3s: Protectors Of The Heart

One of the most well-known health benefits of omega-3 fatty acids happens to be their ability to help reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease. However, how they actually work is not quite as well known.

We’re breaking down everything you need to know about how omega-3’s work to give you one more reason to consider adding them to your diet or supplement routine to help protect your cardiovascular health.

How Omega-3’s Work to Protect Your Cardiovascular Health

One of the biggest ways omega-3’s help reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease has to do with their ability to reduce your inflammatory load. Inflammation in the body can cause damage to your blood vessels and can ultimately cause stroke and or heart disease.

In addition to their anti-inflammatory health benefits, omega-3’s can also help support heart health by doing the following:

How Much Omega-3’s Do You Need to Support Heart Health?

So, how much fish do you really need to consume to get all of these heart-protective benefits? If you are looking to get enough omega-3’s just from diet, you would have to consume two (four-ounce) servings of fatty fish per week, which is thought to reduce the risk of sudden cardiac death.

If you aren’t a big fish eater and would prefer to get your omega-3’s from supplements, you can easily do so by choosing a fish oil like Newtrition’s CARDIO3 that provides 576mg of omega-3 concentrate from fish oil and provides 500mg of EPA and DHA. And, according to the US Department of Agriculture and European Food Safety Authority, we need to be aiming to get 250-500 mg of combined DHA and EPA per day.

The Bottom Line

There’s no denying the fact that omega-3s play a crucial role in supporting cardiovascular health. Getting enough omega-3s whether through diet or supplementation, can greatly reduce your risk of heart disease.

So, optimize your intake with diet and a high-quality fish oil supplement. Not only will your heart health benefit, but your inflammatory load will decrease, which ultimately leads to improved health.