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Newtrition Blog

A Different Kind of Prebiotic: HMOs for Digestive Health

As we spoke about in our last post, optimal digestive health sets the foundation for overall wellness. From immune function to nutrient absorption, to even mood and energy levels, your digestive system comes into play.

There are many ways to support a healthy gut. Lifestyle factors are huge — stress reduction and regular exercise are integral parts of a digestive supporting protocol. However, diet and proper supplementation are also essential.

In addition to giving your gut all the healthy and friendly probiotics it needs to maintain bacterial balance, prebiotics are important too. Prebiotics are what feed all those friendly bacteria that helps keep your gut healthy.

We’re excited to introduce our brand new product called DIGEST2FL, which is powered by PREBILAC™ 2’FL* - high purity 2-fucosyllactose (2’FL). Our product provides your gut with an added layer of support that you may not be getting enough of through diet alone.

Read on as we break down how 2’FL works and why it may be one of the missing links to achieving optimal gut health balance.


What is 2’FL & How Does it Support Digestive Health?

2’FL is a human milk oligosaccharide (HMO) that is most commonly known for being found in breastmilk. While there are over 100 different kinds of HMOs, 2’FL is the one that’s most abundantly found in mother’s milk.

These HMOs are complex carbohydrates that act as prebiotics to help support an infant’s immune system early on, and these prebiotics are responsible for nourishing the healthy bacteria in the gut.

This key ingredient in DIGEST2FL is made through a fermentation process and the end result is a high purity 2’FL identical to the 2’FL found in mother’s milk. Now we’re able to provide this high-quality prebiotic option for use in dietary supplements to support those in any stage of life.

While 2’FL is well-known for having a powerful impact on infant's immune and digestive health, it’s something that has been shown to hold promising results far past infancy.

Here are some of the ways 2’FL can be beneficial as a prebiotic to support gut health:

With all of these benefits being well-established in infants, it’s something that anyone, at any life stage could benefit from. And, with 25-45 million Americans suffering from irritable bowel syndrome each year, it could be a gamechanger in helping to reduce gut discomfort.

Specific Digestive Health Advantages of DIGEST2FL

As a prebiotic, 2’FL has been shown to selectively boost the growth of the beneficial bacteria, bifidobacteria. This is huge since having low levels of this specific bacteria strain has been linked to conditions like IBS.

Not only that but getting enough of this beneficial bacteria is key for reducing inflammation and intestinal permeability, also known as leaky gut. 2’FL may also be beneficial for reducing inflammation in those suffering from certain inflammatory gastrointestinal conditions.

The Impact of Digestive Disease in the US

DIGEST2FL is now available during a time when we need it the most. The prevalence of digestive-related disease is startling. According to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, 60-70 million people suffer from digestive diseases, with millions of hospitalizations for digestive-related conditions each year.

New and emerging research on the use of HMOs as prebiotics, like 2'FL, show promising results for providing relief to various digestive health conditions such as IBS and is certainly something worth speaking with your physician about.

How to Supplement With 2’FL

While prebiotics like 2’FL aren’t talked about nearly as often as probiotics, they are quickly becoming a more well-known supplement option for those suffering from gastrointestinal discomfort.

And, the good news is that here at Newtrition, we’ve launched DIGEST2FL. This daily, dietary supplement contains a high quality 2’FL, giving you one more way to show the healthy bacteria in your gut some love.

What About Prebiotics From Food?

It’s true that there are plenty of food options that are rich in prebiotics to help nourish your gut. These foods contain plant fibers and resistant starch. The body isn’t able to digest these carbohydrates, so when we consume them, and they pass through the digestive system, the bacteria in the gut uses them as their “food”.

The following foods are rich in prebiotics:

How is 2’FL Different From Prebiotic-Rich Foods?

While you can enjoy a healthy and balanced diet rich in foods that contain prebiotics, if you aren’t consuming enough of these foods on a regular basis, then supplementation may be a much easier option.

Plus, our nature-identical DIGEST2FL provides the gut with all of the prebiotic benefits of HMOs no matter what life stage you are in. And, supplementation ensures that you are giving your microbiome the nourishment it needs to keep all the healthy bacteria happy.

Take Your Gut Health to the Next Level With Prebiotics

While we often think about probiotics and fermented foods when it comes to supporting optimal digestive function, prebiotics are quickly gaining some much-deserved attention for their role in keeping the microbiome balanced.

In addition to reducing stress, eating well, and exercising, supplementing with a product like DIGEST2FL is an excellent way to support optimal gut health — and when your gut health improves, you may just find that other areas of your health start to improve as well.


*PREBILAC™ is a trademark of BASF