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Vitamin D: The Powerful Immune Booster You Need During Flu Season

Flu season has been in full swing for quite some time, and if you are looking for some natural ways to stay healthy throughout the rest of the winter, we have to talk about vitamin D.

While often referred to as the sunshine vitamin, it does far more than just support mood and bone health. Research has shown vitamin D to be a powerful immune-booster.

Let’s take a look at how this vitamin may make a great preventative supplement during this germy time of year.

The Vitamin D & Immune Connection

The research is clear that not only can getting enough vitamin D help ward off infection but having a vitamin D deficiency has been found to increase your risk of infection.

Research has also shown that getting enough vitamin D can help reduce your risk of getting the flu, giving us one more reason to make sure that we are optimizing our vitamin D levels.

Vitamin D is also amazing at strengthening the immune system by literally turning on specific peptides that are in your immune system that then go on to cause an important anti-microbial reaction when presented with infection. This is a key part of helping your body fight off any infection when your body is first exposed to it.

Getting enough vitamin D is a way to armor your immune system with the tools it needs to keep you healthy.

How to Get Enough Vitamin D

Ok, so we know that vitamin D plays a key role in keeping us flu-free, but how do you go about making sure that you are getting enough? And, how would you know if you were deficient and putting yourself at an increased risk of getting the flu?

For one, it’s really beneficial for everyone to test their vitamin D levels to see where they stand. This is an easy test that you can do at home with a vitamin D test kit. If you are deficient, you can then start treating that deficiency right away with supplementation.

And, even if you aren’t deficient, taking a vitamin D supplement is a great way to keep your levels in the optimal range, while also supporting a robust immune system.

Here’s a breakdown of how much vitamin D we need per day:

The recommended dietary allowance (RDA) of vitamin D is based on age.

The RDAs for adults are:

The easiest way to make sure that you are getting enough each day is to supplement. It’s also important to note that vitamin D3 supplements have been found to be more effective at boosting vitamin D levels as compared to D2.

Protect Your Health This Flu Season

Getting the flu is something we all dread. It’s also something that affects millions of Americans each year. A big part of keeping your body healthy and your immune system strong is to keep your vitamin and minerals reserves high. Vitamin D has been found to be especially helpful in the immune-boosting department, so consider adding it to your flu-busting remedies this year.

It may just be the one hack you need to stay flu-free all season long.