About Us

Who We Are

Our involvement in dietary supplements dates back to 1838, when marine oil producer Johan C Martens began operating in Bergen, Norway. More than 180 years later, the operation in Norway has developed into a world class Omega-3 production facility known for the highest focus on research, development and reliability. The same level of production excellence throughout all our production facilities has paved the way for Newtrition® and its partners to offer science backed Omega-3 supplements.

Clinically proven and science-based health solutions is at the heart of what we do, exemplified by our vast clinical trials with over 100,000 participants for our concentrated Omega-3, which is more than all other Omega-3 product clinical trials combined! Merging leading science and consumer insights, the team behind Newtrition® is dedicated to developing the most effective and proven dietary supplements for a healthier and longer life.