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Better Bone Health Starts Here

Now, strengthening your bones is easy. Vitamin D₃ is the most important form of Vitamin D, regulating virtually all cells in the human body. By taking just one BONESD³ a day, you’re on the right track to not only supporting your bone health, but eye, skin and liver health, too.

Expert Recommended, Lifestyle Approved.

There are only two natural ways to get Vitamin D3: the sun, and one’s diet. Depending on your sun tolerance and location, sun exposure may not be an option; and the majority of food contains only trace amounts of Vitamin D3. Therefore, experts recommend taking supplements to boost your Vitamin D3 intake to the necessary daily levels.


Feel Strong Every Day

No matter your diet, age or daily lifestyle, taking Vitamin D₃ supplements can be beneficial to you. From young adults to the elderly, to anyone with a vegetarian or vegan diet, Vitamin D₃ can help you feel strong every day, even when natural sunlight isn’t accessible.


The elderly are at particular risk of Vitamin D₃ deficiency. By taking 600–800IU of Vitamin D₃ daily, you not only prevent bone loss and weakness, but lower the risk of cognitive decline and dementia, as well.


Everyone can benefit from a daily intake of Vitamin D₃, but especially people who live in colder climates or spend lots of time indoors. Without at least 15 minutes of sunlight a day, you risk developing a Vitamin D₃ deficiency.


Vegetarians and vegans can greatly benefit from a daily intake of Vitamin D₃, since very few foods naturally contain the vitamin. This could help promote the health of your bones, immune system, and heart and brain function.

Help Prevent Osteoporosis

Vitamin D is necessary for strong bones and muscles. By taking a once-daily BONESD³, you may strengthen your bone mass to reduce the risk of osteoporosis and bone weakening.

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