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Boost Your
Brain Power
with BRAINO3

Better brain health starts here. BRAINO³ gives you the essential EPA and DHA Omega-3s your brain needs to thrive. The best part? Take BRAINO³ once a day, any time of day, even on an empty stomach.


Thrive with BRAINO3

BRAINO³ may help maintain an optimal level of Omega-3 index to reduce the risk of cognitive decline and other brain diseases as EPA and DHA Omega-3s have been shown to support cognitive function.

How AccelonTM Technology Works

Greater Absorption, Faster Results.

BRAINO³ absorbs into the body 3X faster than competitor supplements due to our AccelonTM technology. AccelonTM is a self-microemulsifying delivery system that increases absorption of EPA and DHA in the bloodstream, even on an empty stomach.

Studies show that within 24 hours of taking BRAINO3, EPA and DHA levels were higher than compared to standard fish oil–concentrate consumption.

Accelon works by promoting spontaneous emulsification of Omega-3 ethyl esters into microdroplets in the stomach.

Keep Your Brain’s Health Top of Mind

Getting enough Omega-3 supports healthy cognitive function. The EPA and DHA in BRAINO³ may help maintain optimal Omega-3 levels to reduce the risk of certain brain diseases.

Make it routine

Support your brain health every day and save with BRAINO3. Whether it’s a 30-day or 90-day count, save 25% at checkout when you order an Omega-3 subscription.

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