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Frequently Asked Questions

About omega-3

What are omega-3s?

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How do I know which omega-3 supplement is better for me?

How does Accelon™ work?

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What is Newtrition®?

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About Our Products

Why does your Omega-3 absorb 3X more than other fish oil supplements?

Do I need to take this product with food?

Has the Omega-3 been purified to remove mercury?

About Our Test Kits

What is included in my order of the test kit?

How long does it take to receive my results?

Where are your labs?

Can children be tested with your test kit for Omega-3 index?

What will you do with my collected sample?

Does the blood sampling device hurt?

I forgot to scan/register my kit. What should I do?

How do I view the lab results?

Are your labs a certified testing facility?

Can I use my HSA or FSA dollars to pay for my test kit?

Can I use my data from a previous Omega-3 index test?

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What will you do with my collected sample?

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