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Thrive with one a day CARDIO3

Our scientists have developed the most effective and convenient daily Omega-3 supplement for you. Take one a day, anytime and get the essential Omega-3s EPA and DHA to help support your healthy heart, at all stages of life.

Unfortunately, the typical American diet does not deliver high levels of essential fatty acids. As a result, the average American’s Omega-3 index is closer to 4%, when the healthy range is 8 to 10%.

We source Cardio3 directly from Norway. Our fish are always wild caught and sustainably prepared. Scandinavia is another area of the world with high Omega-3 index values.

In Japan, the average Omega-3 index level is more than double that of the average American. The Japanese notably have the lowest levels of coronary heart disease mortality and atherosclerosis among developed nations — a phenomena that has been largely ascribed to diet.

Omega-3 around the world

A global view of Omega-3s

The human body does not produce significant amounts of EPA or DHA Omega-3s on its own. Unfortunately, the typical American diet includes far less Omega-3 than what’s optimal, which is why CARDIO3 plays such an important role in overall health and wellness. Ready to start feeling your best?

90 Days

Significantly improve your Omega-3 index in 90 days by sticking to and taking a daily CARDIO3 supplement.

> 8%

Optimal Omega-3 index levels are between 8 and 12%. In countries that consume higher levels of Omega-3s, this is the average level. In the US, the average is closer to 4%.


CARDIO3 with AccelonTM technology provides 3x better absorption of essential fatty-acids EPA and DHA in the bloodstream.


Studies show that approximately 95% of Americans don’t get enough Omega-3 in their diets. Getting enough Omega-3 supports healthy blood pressure and triglyceride levels, and helps manage your risk of heart disease.

Track Your Progress

Measure and boost your Omega-3 levels with the CARDIO3 90-day supply and test kit bundle.

Get started with CARDIO3

Your journey to better health starts with a 30-day supply of CARDIO3.

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